Fandango’s Flashback Friday

Visual Prompt:1952 by rugby843 1/2016

Image from Library of Congress

Charlie was a hard worker. Everyone knew he gave the best shoeshine in the neighborhood. His regulars, the businessmen, would stop by every morning to receive his spit shine technique to make them look their best.

This job was backbreaking, and his knees suffered, but he was proud to do it. His mom needed him to help with the money, and the regular customers knew his situation. They always put a little extra in his cup. Charlie appreciated this and worked diligently to do the best job for them. There were other shoe shine boys down the street, but he wanted his customers to always return to him.

He was having a good day, very busy, but his back was aching and his hands tired and sore.  His cup was full.  His mom would be grateful to have the money.  But most of all he felt pride in himself.