dVerse Poets

For this prompt, write a poem inspired by a vision, dream, or both. If you want, you can return to Blake’s “dreams of infants” – perhaps you remember a recurring dream (or nightmare) from childhood which might inspire your poem. Or write about a more recent dream which affected you in some way. If you have ever been fortunate enough to have seen visions, don’t hold back – write about them, let them inspire your muse. I want this to be an expansive, rather than restrictive exercise, so please, take Blake’s advice: “Damn braces; Bless relaxes” (Proverbs of Hell, 1793). In other words – use any form you choose, and write whatever words you feel, so long as they are influenced by dreams and/or visions of past, present or future!


lying beside you

my hesitant touch offered

are you really here

often the dream continues

no past true reality