Rory’s Morning Dawdler

Have you ever learned to fight or taken self-defence lessons – why did you feel this was necessary or was this something that you wanted to know to feel safer? No, but always wanted to. When I used to walk with a cane I always had it at the ready😂

Do you spell grey as gray and also is it colour or color? Either is find with me. I had a friend in UK who I argued with about the u’s

Are you now or have you ever been afraid of the dark? No. When my friends and I were sleeping in the hay barn for a treat, it was scary because they kept showing their flashlight up on humongous hairy spiders in the rafters. Needless to say I didn’t stay long at the “party”!

Where do you prefer to do most of your clothing shopping – online or in-store? I hate buying clothes and do not like any online shopping at all. As Sadje said, I prefer feeling the cloth and seeing colors in person.

Thanks Rory for another fun prompt.


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