dVerse Poetics

So. . .from the list below, choose at least two titles, and write a poem including the exact words of the titles within the poem. The word order of the title must be retained, but you can punctuate the longer ones. The poem can be in any style or form, and you may also use a podcast title for your own title, if you would like. Easy-peasy, right? I’m giving you prompt words. Now all you have to do is write a poem using them.

The Titles:

Articles of Interest: American Ivy

I Was Never There

Legacy of Speed

Not Lost


Reveal: After Ayotzinapa

Rumble Strip


This American Life

Ghost in the Burbs


this American life

where dreams of sixteen year old boys

culminate in the local rumble strip

souped up cars flagged by a pretty girl

the race begins

tires smoke

screeching curves

sudden stop

smooched winner

line up, start again




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