Oh hi there, I must look a mess. I have been innocently dropped off the carriage and mom didn’t notice and the baby I’m caring for doesn’t realize it either. Of course he likes to squeeze me, pull my ears and tail, and has to have me by him at bedtime, but during the day he has other distractions.

Oh my, my ribbon bow is looking rather yucky, and my fir is a bit rough being dropped near a puddle, and splashed on a few times. I find it odd no stranger has picked me up or looked around for my family but who can blame them? All humans seem very accusatory these days.

Hold on, I think my baby and his carriage are coming back, looking for me! Oh happy day. I didn’t want to be left here to be picked up and put in a trash bin. After a good cleaning I will be relieved to have my ears pulled again.




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