Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge


Eight superman dressed ten year olds entered the haunted house

Everyone hid timidity, though scared as a small mouse

A venture on the hallowed eve.

No one knew what they’d receive

It was Joe’s turn to be first in case a sacrifice was needed

The creaky door filled their hearts with fright, of course never heeded

Joe pushed through ancient spiderwebs, his cape used as a shield

And the others trooped behind him, and their capes also weild

But no skeletons did they find, but one old lonely lady

She looked welcoming and surprised and was sitting at a table

“Oh my grandchildren have arrived, I’m so glad you came for tea!”

The boys were realizing what they found and sat down with relief

The lesson here an old one, don’t judge a book by its cover

The old woman needed friends and that’s who they discovered.




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