dVerse Poets Quadrille – Labor

Pen us a poem of precisely 44 words (not counting the title), including some form of the word work.
Post your Quadrille piece on your blog and link back to this post.
Place the link to your actual post (not your blog url) on the Mister Linky page.
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Have fun (only if you want to!)


Labor of Love

She looked intently at the man
A smile spread when she took his hand
Tears dribbled down his wrinkled face
She offered a soft cloth edged with lace
Nursing homes too busy for his quiet voice
Her frequent visits calmed him, her loving choice



15 thoughts on “dVerse Poets Quadrille – Labor

  1. Cheryl, your empathetic poem of healing is beautiful. She is his angel, and I feel he heals her as well in their relationship. The word for today is “work.” Can you please write another with work in it or modify this one (which I wouldn’t expect you to)? Thanks much.

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    1. No worries, my bad, for putting Labor in the title. I wanted to keep it Labor for Labor Day, but I thought work opened the prompt up to other definitions that labor didn’t.

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    2. Taking time to work the problem
      Researching the best possible endgame
      Scientists pour over available files
      They’re filled with opinionated guile
      A senator’s speech so far not defined
      Parents’ wishes blatantly denied
      Today, charts and graphs seem blind
      Child safety not in the guide.

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