I always have a weird feeling when this date pops up and it’s been 56 years🙄This was the date printed on our wedding invitations but had to be changed with the “2” scratched out and we married on the 3rd. It was also sad because grave illness was the reason for the change. But on to the prompt. The words I see are at the top of my legal sized green paper tablet: pen and GEAR

Okay, not very exciting I admit, but the book previously in that spot I gave to my granddaughter yesterday. “One Thousand White Women” written by Jim Fergus. A fictitious account of journals written by May Dodd. I started another book by him last night named “The Wild Girl”. Have a great weekend!

Jim Fergus is the author of six novels, and two books of nonfiction. His bestselling novel, ONE THOUSAND WHITE WOMEN, won the Mountain and Plains Booksellers Association Fiction of the Year Award, and continues to be a favorite selection of book clubs and reading groups across the country. In 2017, St. Martin’s Press published the 20th anniversary paperback edition of ONE THOUSAND WHITE WOMEN, which has now sold over a million copies in America. The French translation of the novel – MILLE FEMMES BLANCHES – won the Best First Foreign Novel award and spent 57 weeks on the bestseller list in France.


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    1. To people who consider it a show instead of a personal ceremony, it might have been. Besides being the hottest day in the area in years, fear of the homemade cake melting and relatives who considered it was Sunday and not a day for such activities, I think we did well. My mom and aunt did most of the work ☺️. It was sort of a blur to me at the time.

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