Simply Six Minutes


Julie decided she would make her point to Sam the only way he just might, miracle withstanding, understand what she was saying. After a five year live-together relationship, she still felt empty. She went over the “should have” thoughts in her ever depressing mind. She should have set an ultimatum earlier. Two years was her thinking at the time but now, three years later to still not have a feeling of permanence? What did Sam want and why was he always suddenly too busy when she tried to talk about it? Enough is enough she thought and maybe he needed a visual aid. Thus the doctored photo of her in the meadow.



3 thoughts on “Simply Six Minutes

  1. Well, for someone in that situation and feeling as such that is a great idea to help get the point across. Luckily I am not in a relationship like that but I do hear about people who feel this way and wonder how they could find a way to get the courage to leave.

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