That Darn Evidence

The detective looked at the serration on the victim’s neck. “Yup, looks like a bread knife to me.”

“I think you spent too much time in traffic today and you shouldn’t compromise your reputation just because you’re tired. Have another cup of coffee, and we’ll let the experts decide.”

The detective looked over an article the victim had displayed on his computer: “Hemp is the new string of natural products you can grow to improve your health, even a possible cure for certain types of cancer.”

“Well that doesn’t tell us much…”

His partner agreed, but then, “except maybe he was making reservations for a flight to Oregon to buy some. Look at this, pointing to an e-ticket on the desk.

The detective shrugged and asked, “why kill someone over this?”

After further investigation, the two policemen discovered that the victim’s lover didn’t want him to get cured from the cancer he was suffering from. If he did, then there would be no insurance money.

The lover, Joe Schmoe, was later discovered in his kitchen trying to dispose of, you guessed it…a bread knife.



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  1. Thanks a lot! The maintenance man here put those paper sticky traps in my one closet in this new apartment. I had seen one mouse come in from the cold but he never returned. The traps are still there though.


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