A2Z Unusually Vicious

I must have skipped yesterday and catching up today. Today I am talking about high school sports. Again. It takes guts to get out on a gym floor or grass field to play a sport these days. For some reason fouls that cause injuries are not called or is it biased coaches training or referees? I find it very frustrating to watch. Trying to take out a star player is nothing new, but when did it become a joke? A lack of sportsmanship is rampant. It’s a game! I know I harp on this but isn’t this also a form of parents promoting disrespect?



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  1. Youth sports in or outside of school seem to be out of control. I read yesterday about an umpire in a youth girl’s software game in Texas getting punched by a parent. Who does that?

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    1. I could name a few candidates. My whole family referees and my son-in-law got accosted by a parent who came up to him and threatened but his oldest son who is a tall firefighter, came right up and the guy backed down. My granddaughter loves sports but there is a danger when the opponents get out of control

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