Cemetery: Caution

bone! It was supposed to be located somewhere in the “Saints Preserve Us” cemetery, at least according to the book “Gorgeous Ghost” written by Joe Joker. Apparently he had found the bone on a stormy day back in ‘55 and wrote about his experience, and anyone who held this bone would be visited by a beautiful, if not strangely ethereal, ghost.

Many a man had tried the quest and failed, or disappeared shortly after. The facts were a bit sketchy because no one took ghosts seriously. Their deaths had been reported as “natural” and the coroner’s accounts had been blacked out in certain spaces. Joe, now also passed to the great beyond, wrote about his personal experience with the bone but so far no one else had found it and Joe left no directions or map, only that it was originally found in the SPU cemetery. Was the bone cursed? Would you have a momentary pleasure with a beautiful ghost? Only Joe’s shadow knows.



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