My five eggs on the WP pricing changes

Some Questions asked….


Well, I was far from happy when I read posts about this, so sent a message to the forum asking how it might affect me
My questions

I am concerned regarding changes to personal FREE blogs and restrictions to views and capacity i.e: 10,000 visits per month and media storage reduced to .5 GB rather than the current 3GB.
So my questions are:
Can I continue to use my blog as it is with no restrictions or am I going to lose my contents and media?
What happens if I get more than 10,000 visits per month something which is out of my control? If that happens, is it your intention to shut down access to my blog?

I have a lot of media which I have built up over the years. How will you decide what you are going to delete?

I only became aware of this having read…

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3 thoughts on “My five eggs on the WP pricing changes

  1. Supposedly nothing will change… all 4 paid plans are still available in my menu. I’m suspicious though, since their focus really does seem to be on e-commerce sites…

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