A2Z – Courtesy

I suppose everyone thinks they are courteous—in their own minds of course, but are they really?

It only takes a second or two to hold open a door, say please or thank you, but it is rarely heard out in public now. We are more likely to hear a couple of people arguing, saying F you or worse and out loud voicing their personal opinions about others’ clothes, manner, orientation, race, etc with not a shred of remorse.

If you watched the news about the Academy Awards and saw Will Smith slap Chris Rock, even though he might have deserved it, it was not surprising. I like both celebrities but Chris Rock made a rude joke and should have been admonished, but behind the scenes. I used to watch comedians a lot but now they are so blatantly rude I don’t care to hear them.

In general, my opinion (and you know I always have one🙄) is that general courtesy went missing even before the pandemic. Anything and I mean anything goes these days.




5 thoughts on “A2Z – Courtesy

  1. My parents used to remind us that some gesture (whatever it might be) was “just common courtesy.” As you point out, I don’t think it’s common anymore. It’s sad. I also agree about comedians, So many of them derive laughter from shock and what would normally be considered inappropriate material. I hope you have a nice week with D – H.

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