Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt


How many times had she been woken by the same nightmare? “It was a dark and stormy night” she thought…Edward Bulwer-Lytton was the first person to write that phrase on paper, but it was happening in her dreams every night!

Jane had tea and a warm bath to dispel anything that might disturb sleep. She cuddled under the quilt, and with heavy eyes, fell asleep. She woke to find herself in a storm, returned to the catacomb.


5 thoughts on “Sammiscribbles Weekend Writing Prompt

  1. Christians lying in a row
    Secret tunnels down below
    Away from Roman prying eyes
    Faithful man goes when he dies
    This resting place, this final home
    Here within the catacomb
    Where I, an atheist at best
    Am humbled, quietly impressed
    By faith itself, by pure belief
    By death that came a pure relief
    Here rest believers of the past
    Perhaps you’ve found your God at last
    May your eyes still somehow see
    The meaning of the mystery


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