Mystery of the Allen Wrench

You can’t get a more intriguing title than that, can you? 😄As I was getting ready for bed last night checking the door locks etc. I found an allen wrench laying on the floor next to the front door. I know what an allen wrench is, I know what it’s used for and I don’t have any. In our ancient home in Colorado with huge drawers in the kitchen, I had tons of tools, all kinds and knew how to use them. Now my tools consist of a hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, and a few nails. So the mystery!

I called my grandson who had driven me to the store last night and asked him if he might’ve dropped one or it fell out of his pocket when he brought in some things for me. He said no. He thought maybe it was from a previous time months ago when he had visited. That answer was also no because there is a flat rug in that area that gets moved around all day. It drives me nuts, getting caught in my wheels. If it had been there when I went out the door I would’ve seen it. (I have a little OCD and always being close to the ground, notice things that most people don’t ). The front door is a heavy fire door that takes forever to open and shut (you can’t just shut it, it won’t let you). It’s heavy and hard to maneuver in an out of in a wheelchair, unless you have “arms of steel”. If there had been anything on the floor I would’ve seen it. So the mystery!

I checked my whole apartment and nothing is missing that I know of. I don’t see any installed hidden cameras, 😳🙄😄 which of course my curious mind thought of. And why anybody would put one in my place I have no idea. So the mystery!

So people, any ideas on “who done it?”

10 thoughts on “Mystery of the Allen Wrench

    1. I can’t imagine it rolling anywhere but you never know. Someone seems to get their jollies by knocking on my door at all times of night🙄😡


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