Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge


ice floating above

fish hide beneath the surface

huddled in warm pools

spring sunshine soon warms their bath

time to rise and leap for food



“As a lake freezes, the ice floats on the surface, insulating the water below and keeping most lakes—and the fish within them—from freezing solid. You would still, however, be very cold. Lake fish have to lower their metabolism and enter a state called torpor to reduce their energy demands enough to survive the winter. This is especially important in spring before the ice melts, when oxygen levels in the water trapped under the ice may be dangerously low. In that case, you’d need antifreeze in your veins. And polar fish have developed exactly that. They produce a glycoprotein that slows down water’s molecular motion to keep ice crystals from forming.”



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

  1. Fingers playing
    Under the sheets
    Minds entwined
    Where love greets
    Itself. With skin
    Two heartbeats
    Tap out a tune
    That soon
    Becomes a melody
    For you and me
    Perfectly matched
    We have barely scratched
    With those fingers
    What lingers
    Beneath the surface

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