Six Sentence Story – Ingredient


My best ingredient for life is humor—agreed not always accepted as such, but that’s their brain, not mine.

Family, love, hugs and smiling—yes SMILING, can be seen right through our pesky masks and by the way, I hope you’re still using them, every little bit helps.

And the word little gets to another important ingredient, the little things that you notice making life livable, pleasant, and worth living.

It could be anything—your hot creamy morning latte, your dog’s smile of thanks when you set down a food bowl, a new bloom on your houseplant, the peeking up of spring flowers, or a bird momentarily pausing on your windowsill-as in most things, whatever floats your boat.

My boat has needed these ingredients and little things to keep me sane, how about you?

Snoopy always knows best.

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