SoCS – Whatever

I’ve decided the real Inspector Gadget lives down the hall. My daughter and I were getting into my door when he stopped and enlightened us on the latest goings-on in the building.

Apparently he had his apartment burgled and wanted to warn me about it. He told the mgr they needed security cameras in the halls like the ones outside. He then went on to describe all the devices he has in and outside his apartment. Hidden cameras, motion detectors, etc. I can’t remember all of them!

I said I really don’t have any valuables, at which point he said loudly “your identity!” It was almost laughable because he was SO serious! I tried to add humor by saying so I need to put my ID and bank card under my mattress? He did not think that funny and then said “I have insurance on all my personal data, etc, and you should too!”

I could go on telling you tales: he told of the car in the parking lot that had the catalytic converter stolen in a fifteen minute theft or… who knew they contain platinum and sell on the black market for thousands of dollars?

I don’t have a car any longer and I can’t drive. I’m sure there’s no c c on my scooter so guess I’m safe. I told my daughter when we finally got inside that if I’m ever in trouble I know who to go to for help. I’m sure he has a few weapons in his place also.



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