History/Remembering MLK

PUEBLO, Colo. — If you’re passing through Pueblo you can check out, or rather check-in, to a piece of history. The Coronado Motel is now in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Coronado Motel, built in the 1940s, earned recognition for its historical role during the Jim Crow Era.

Originally called The Coronado Lodge, the motel was listed in the Negro Traveler’s Green Book. The book was a guide for lodging, businesses, drug stores and even homes open to people of color during the segregation era. 

“The Green Book was the guide that a lot of African Americans used to find out where they could safely stay and eat and visit as they traveled across the country,” said Koehler.

“In Colorado especially you would just see houses listed and they would have rooms available for blacks to stay in. There were not really motels or lodges listed,” said Koehler.