MLMM Wordle #270


The depiction of a red jasper ligament in the quartz based ring glowed in reflection of the fire pit. Envy dripped across the hostess’ smile and she leaned against the porch rail pole, going over her plan to steal it.

Elizabeth had been planning this for a while, ever since she learned of this coveted ring, and its powers of strength and healing. Conventional medicines were not working and it was a conversation of two doctors, overheard, that led her to believe her guest’s antique ring would be the answer.

The tricky part was over, finding the woman who owned the ring, and subsequent dinner invitation. After her guest finished her wine, there would be no need to fly into a fight to thrash the ring from her hand. The woman would simply quietly fall into a sleep and awake as if nothing happened. A fake ring would be substituted.

After a few weeks, Elizabeth noticed no change in her health, and realized it must have been the ring’s power was for one particular woman’s healing, not Elizabeth’s. She sat back, resolved at last to her fate, listening to the lyrics of “Nobody Does it Better” by Carly Simon.


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