Hope and Belief

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Joey always chose to believe; he believed in many things—Santa Claus dressed in crimson with sparkling eyes, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and fairytales. He hoped the magical bunny would bring a solid chocolate egg, but was not disappointed to find it hollow. He consistently woke to find a shiny new coin under his pillow after losing a tooth. Every year he hung his patiently decorated stocking near the fireplace and added a new small decoration to the Christmas tree to recognize a new year coming.

Ever looking on the bright side—his mind was a suitcase of wonderment. After his mother kissed him goodnight, his nocturnal choice was observing starry constellations and remembering stories he had been told of their creation.

Joey was an optimist, never professing dismay if what he envisioned did not come true. He was always hopeful some day it might.




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