Life and Death?

I am not dependent on other people’s thoughts or ideas on what to do when I die. My instructions are written down and my family knows my wishes. No keeping me on machines, no funeral, no obituary, just put my body in a cardboard box and into the crematorium. I once thought I would donate organs and still would, but having had cancer twice, it’s not recommended. I think it is a wonderful idea though.

Some of you may think this sounds cold or unfeeling, but I’m not one who visits graves and talks to their loved ones’ tombstones. I did put flowers on graves on Memorial Day when I could, now it’s not possible. To me, when you’re dead, you’re dead. I don’t think of myself floating around on clouds or even perishing over and over in a fiery hell. I think life is right here, right now, and that’s all. My spirit is another story, and if there is a life “beyond” in spirit, I can live with that.😄


14 thoughts on “Life and Death?

  1. I can totally see your point of view where it comes to no funeral, no obituary, etc. After all, these are more for those you leave behind than for you as the dead person, I think, and you have absolutely no obligations to fulfill once you’re dead.

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  2. When you’re dead, you’re dead. Although the way we say that is a bit misleading – it makes it sound like death is a state of being, whilst it’s quite the opposite. When you’re dead you’re not anything at all. And since the only way of conceiving or perceiving of anything else requires one to be something, then everything else ceases to exist as well. That’s it. Shut the curtains. Lights out.
    Essentially though, I couldn’t agree with you more.
    So I don’t have ‘wishes’, in that regard. People can do whatever they like (even though the very idea of other people will have ceased to have meaning).

    I won’t care. I’ll be dead.

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    1. I dunno. I’ve been technically dead three times in this lifetime, and it kept going–once a scary freakout of seeing the dead body down there but still feeling the form of death in the form up in the air which is where my awareness was, and the other times the white light thing, very blissful, very non-personal, but still aware. My vote is for the energy continuing in different forms, basic thermodynamics of matter and energy being neither created nor destroyed, but changing one into the other–

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