Fandango’s Flashback Friday

Share Your World – 11-19-18


Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I clarify that we do not do shopping on black friday. Our day after T is setting up the Christmas tree and other decorations. It’s usually a quick visit from out of town loved ones and we spend it together at home. We are all very thankful when we’re able to be together.

1. Since I have new apartment neighbors on an early 4 am schedule, I’m automatically awake at four and go to bed around ten.

2. I write here on the blog. I read, watch movies and play a couple of word games. I love games in general and play Scrabble, Trivia, Sorry and lots of card games; also teaching my grandson Canasta. I am lucky at cards! If anyone has opinions, they don’t share them. ; )

3. I would ask, “didn’t I see you in “Happy Feet”?”

4. Never. However, I’m unduly influenced since I just watched the movie”Life” last night. Is it just me or is every movie scientist discovering alien beings just plain stupid? Sorry, I need coffee before I speak.

I had a fun time with family this weekend and for that I am always grateful.

Have a great week and give thanks – it makes you and everyone else feel great!

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