Get a shovel!

After reading this news bit, I think we need to find these people a job. If all they have to do in a day is peruse the media looking for ways to hurt people, let me give them a shovel and direct them to the nearest cow barn.

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe accused the Muppet of “brainwashing children,” while Newsmax host and former Trump adviser Steve Cortes slammed the announcement as “evil” propaganda.Both made false claims that children are not at risk of COVID-19. While most children infected with the virus exhibit only mild symptoms, experts say vaccines can prevent many infections and hospitalizations, as well as disruptions to schooling.

And some went much darker, like Tennessee congressional candidate Robby Starbuck and alt-right social media personality Mike Cernovich. Many observers noted the irony of the pile-on, given that Big Bird is both a fictional character and one known for spreading messages of kindness and curiosity. Plus, they pointed out, this isn’t the first time he’s gotten vaccinated.


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