Fandango’s Friday Flashback

Share Your World – 11-6-17

According to, it is Monday again. I’ve been so busy in a good way, the past few days, even months seem to fly by. I spent most of the last three days with my daughter and granddaughters which was delightful. We perused all the Christmas aisles, bought one (college senior) a tree for her house, enjoyed her sister’s (college sophomore) Rice Krispie treats topped with chocolate, played 20 questions, hangman, etc in the car rides, and laughed a lot. I definitely recommend this type of activity!💗😂💗🎄💗 My answers to Cee’s questions this week are:

1. I prefer a two week vacation in a cabin in the woods, snow, cozy fireplace, comfort food and a great companion. I would never take a cruise. I don’t like being in or on water above my head. I have a fear of large objects such as floating with or without a lifeboat looking up at a big ship. Just thinking of being (even safe) beside something that big gives me the willies.

2. I’ve written before of my love of swinging. I don’t remember having toys really, but the swing from our huge tree in the yard was a wonderful thing. I loved the swings at a carnival and a porch swing, if I had a porch, would be heavenly. The feeling of flying, being free, is spectacular.

3. This is a tough one because I’ve learned a lot in my life and still am learning. But thinking introspectively, I think it is being able to forgive myself. And I’m still learning how to do that.

Inspiration this week is my grandson, the buddy, chauffeur, helpmate, always there when I need him guy. He fought a battle and won.



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