Monday Media

“The Misfits” 2021, starring Pierce Brosnan. This is a fun romp with some would be thieves. Enjoy this on STARZ, Hulu or other venues. It was fun seeing Tim Roth again whom I loved in the series “Lie to Me” which I highly recommend! It gave me a lift today☺️


A group called the Misfits believe themselves to be modern-day Robin Hoods. They recruit an international thief to help them steal a cache of gold bars hidden underneath a prison. Release date: June 11, 2021 (USA)Director: Renny HarlinStarring: Pierce Brosnan; Rami Jaber; Hermione Corfield; Jamie Chung; Mike d Angelo; Tim Roth; Nick CannonMusic by: Lasse Enersen; Trevor RabinBudget: $15 millionProducers: Mansoor Al Dhaheri, Dean Altit, Kia Jam

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