The Sunday Whirl


They were in a time crunch. The mission to murder the aliens from space required a speedy boat, and the weapon they found on one of the abandoned secret government beaches. It would be a tight schedule so perfect execution was key. It had to be done before daylight.

The air was ripe with the aliens’ scent and they would be easy to find. The cove they chose was being overhauled by the local beautification group so a drawing of the suspected location was available in the local library.

Having planned the mission to what they thought was the tiniest detail, they boarded the boat ready for a fight. They killed the boat motor a hundred feet out around the hidden edge of the cove and noticed it was glowing with light.

Once onshore they snuck up close and couldn’t believe what they saw. Alien beings clad in what looked like bikinis, drinking pina coladas and dancing around a campfire.

There was only one thing to do. They stripped off their clothes and joined in the party.


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