MLMM Saturday Mix

Double Take – Saturday Mix, 16 October 2021

by weejars

Welcome to the Saturday Mix, 16 October 2021!

The ‘Double Take’ challenge focuses on the use of homophones* to build your writing piece. You have two sets of homophones and you are challenged to use all of them in your response – which can be poetry or prose.

Our homophone sets this week are:

aural – of hearing
oral – of mouth


aye – affirmative
I – oneself
eye – ocular organ


“I think you may have an aural difficulty,”the professor said sarcastically. “Every time I think you have your “eye on the prize” here in class, and are listening to my oral lectures, I see your mind is somewhere else. If you wish to succeed and prove you earned your scholarship, you need to pay attention.”

Aye, aye, captain” with an exaggerated salute.

“And with that, you are dismissed for the day!”


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