It’s that season again when everyone can hide their genetic flaws with covers of clothing, hats, sweatshirts and coats. Some men have the extending vast forehead problem and can now take advantage of the popular shaved head option, wear a beanie or my favorite, an Indiana Jones fedora.

A primordial drift of an aging breast may rely on a push-up bra when a guest arrives at their home, but the majority of older women and overweight men may just let everything hang out.

No matter your presumed flaws, the colder seasons provide a coverup so just relax and enjoy it.


Note: When googling images, found 99% of hiding flaws advice were about women🥸

6 thoughts on “Coverup

  1. You managed to get so much into a post with all those prompts. Yep, men don’t care all that much about the perceptions of others but those percentages you found are quite amazing. Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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  2. You know I also do that music blog, Songshine? Looking through a 1950s chart once, i found that 95% of the acts were men. Those numbers are kinda scary, huh? So what you say at the end does not surprise me one bit.

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  3. This is great, and I so agree with hiding ourselves under layers of clothing to keep warm when we go outside in the colder weather. Nice to feel ‘thin’ when we take them off, even though I’m not, haha!!

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