FFfAW 12-27-17 – The Feast

The oven was hot and the “items” were baked to perfection. The master would be pleased to have his favorite treat on New Year’s Eve. The cook swished away the rats that surrounded her feet and started to prepare the rest of the feast.

All were waiting, the long table set with the finest utensils of Osage Orange gnarled wood, serving pieces from oxidized cemetery fence posts, salt and pepper containers made from dried witches’ bones, just to name a few of the special holiday tableware. Of course large bowls made from the leather of goat carcasses would hold the tempting oven treats.

The trick was to serve the tasty pictured dish before it cooled. Cooling allows the “items” to come alive on the inside of their victims, uh, diners, and they proceed to dine, themselves. Unfortunately this happened a few times before the cook knew to keep the dish boiling hot.

As the guests arrived, fireworks were displayed. All in all it was a delightful evening to celebrate the new year.


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