SoCS 9/11/21


Where were you on 9/11? I remember it well. I was in an apartment in downtown Houston, close to the Galleria. My husband and I were getting ready to take our Shih Tzu to a vet appointment. We had the news on the tv while dressing and then the bulletin. We were incredulous but immediately thought terrorism, not an accident or pilot error. Even today twenty years later I cannot watch the videos of it. I still hear the bodies landing on pavement behind reporters’ cameras. I will not look at the memorial site. If I watch a movie that shows the NYC skyline before this tragedy I fast forward. I still can’t deal with it.


8 thoughts on “SoCS 9/11/21

  1. No one should ever forget 9/11, nor all of the other terrorist attack dates before and after all over the world.
    Everyone says we must remember and we do sadly nothing ever changes and atrocities continue. Love and peace to you 💜💜

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  2. Oh, I’m so sorry but it’s understandable you can’t deal with it. I must’ve been living under a rock then, as I honestly don’t remember the sound of the bodies. Then again, I was listening to the radio and it was just a breaking news announcement. I think I didn’t see the actual events till about an hour or two later.

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