Fandango’s Flashback Friday 7-16-21

Sunday Photo Fiction – July 16, 2017

“It’s being fixed up. I tell you, they’re selling it! I told you they would, it’s too valuable a location to just sit there.” Maudie’s voice trailed off as he looked closer at the building. It seemed to be in good shape, even though he knew the so called rumors were true. He’d seen it himself.

Gerald and Maudie were walking past as they did every day, getting doctor’s ordered exercise. It was good for them and provided a needed relief of their small environment at home. Maudie meant well, he thought, but her constant vigil of the neighboring activities would become so tiresome to him, he longed for the fresh air. Walking kept her breathing and talking at the same time to a minimum, therefore the relief.

Each day the route differed a bit, but going by this building was always included. Even seeing it today, appearing perfectly normal, his mind couldn’t forget that night. The burned marks cleaned, the windows glassed again, the wood under repair. All evidence of the intentionally started fire were gone. But he remembered. The vision of stretchers carrying the old ones, charred. Even the smell lingered. He would never forget.