SoCS July 17, 2021


Writing this on Friday afternoon, a lot accomplished🧗🏻‍♀️: now have a brand new phone with insurance so if the washer event should happen again I am covered🤹🏻‍♀️; EFT for phone payment set up☑️; searching for a new small bed to replace my gargantuan king sized one**, paying bills and hoping Medicare🏥 kicks in for my two ER visits costing $1234, not including five meds to combat whatever this is, since I’m still coughing and have no appetite.😒The Stitches ER never submitted it even though they accept Medicare🩺 and Medicaid🙄. Murphy is still hanging around–I cancelled my prescription meds insurance🗓three years ago because I never used it-supplemental insurance I had was $190 per month, so of course years after cancelling I get pneumonia and need meds😳. Murphy is a pita!🧨

Other than whining in this stream, I am enjoying sunny days and visits with family, looking at freshly mown grass, my favorite smell, and life is good.☺️ Probably my least favorite word is “can’t”.

**shopping for a smaller bed frame with only a mattress and no box spring is what I want. The frame needs to be durable since my family says it needs to last. They think I’m immortal after dying twice and coming back. Family joke. So I guess a metal or fake wood will be my choice😂


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  1. Geez, I hope all of your medical bills are paid without any trouble.
    As for the bed, it really is important to get something that is comfortable and will last for many years to come.

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