SoCS July 17, 2021


Writing this on Friday afternoon, a lot accomplished🧗🏻‍♀️: now have a brand new phone with insurance so if the washer event should happen again I am covered🤹🏻‍♀️; EFT for phone payment set up☑️; searching for a new small bed to replace my gargantuan king sized one**, paying bills and hoping Medicare🏥 kicks in for my two ER visits costing $1234, not including five meds to combat whatever this is, since I’m still coughing and have no appetite.😒The Stitches ER never submitted it even though they accept Medicare🩺 and Medicaid🙄. Murphy is still hanging around–I cancelled my prescription meds insurance🗓three years ago because I never used it-supplemental insurance I had was $190 per month, so of course years after cancelling I get pneumonia and need meds😳. Murphy is a pita!🧨

Other than whining in this stream, I am enjoying sunny days and visits with family, looking at freshly mown grass, my favorite smell, and life is good.☺️ Probably my least favorite word is “can’t”.

**shopping for a smaller bed frame with only a mattress and no box spring is what I want. The frame needs to be durable since my family says it needs to last. They think I’m immortal after dying twice and coming back. Family joke. So I guess a metal or fake wood will be my choice😂


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