Fandango’s Friday Flashback June 18, 2017


Photo credit: A Mixed Bag 2012

“Hurry up, Charles! It’s bad enough you have me up here on the ledge, in this outfit? Take the picture already! Who’s this for, anyway? I can’t hold this much longer!”

Charles was taking longer than he should. Why not? It would take a bit more time for the supposed gold paint to completely harden. He let the wicked smile show. He was enjoying Harry’s pain. Harry was so gullible, he’d fall for anything. And apparently had a convenient memory of past deeds. This was revenge. Charles pretended forgiveness, friendship for a while, but it’s overwith now.

“Charles, this is starting to hurt! I mean it! It’s really starting to pain!” Harry was trying to move but it seemed too difficult. The paint was almost completely solid. 

Charles busied himself cleaning up the mess he made. Harry never knew this was retaliation. Maybe it hardly crossed his mind how he carelessly ruined Charles’ life.  But he would never forget. A reckless driving accident they reported. For Charles, the love of his life was gone forever because of Harry. Revenge accomplished.Charles looked, saw tears falling from the eagle’s eye.