Murphy must have them

Have you ever tried to prove that you are you? I remember seeing a funny movie about it once but in reality it is not funny.

Somehow I lost my state ID and my SS and Medicare cards…I’ve searched every pocket, nook and cranny and can’t find them. I always have the cards together and include them with my debit card and a credit card in a rubber band.

I don’t carry a purse because I have a backpack on the wheelchair that holds all my necessities in case I need to change clothes etc. The backpack has a zippered pocket where the card pile is kept.

Usually if it’s a quick trip in a store I leave the backpack in the car and put the banded card pile in my pocket. If I don’t have a pocket I ask whoever family member is with me to put it in their pocket. I rarely go anywhere – for at least a year.

Now I am flummoxed as to where those certain cards can be since it would only be a doc’s office I would need them. I’ve called everywhere I’ve been and all the family, no luck.

I paid $40 to get a new SS card online and have to fill out some forms. Same for WY DoT to get a new ID since I don’t drive I have to have a state ID instead of a driver’s license.

Still here? This is my life now so I’ll let this post if you’re still reading…be a warning to glue your important cards to your body somewhere, preferably an easy to reach area🤪

In order to obtain new cards you need your old cards—what? Or a birth certificate, and marriage license, or passport, parents’ similar items, plus rent and utility bill, doctor visit receipt, etc, the list is long and that’s only if you are already born in the US!

Of course this requires my daughter or one of my grandkids to drive me to these places and wait—the DMV is the worst, and my passport which I used 44 years ago, I doubt I could find it now. This includes another warning: if you move a lot, put all these necessary ID items in a plastic zippered bag and tape it to your body while in the process of moving. You’ll thank me later. And if right now you don’t know where all these items are, then start looking. You never know when you’ll have to prove you are who you are.

The only picture IDs I have for proof are the VA hospital ID necklace you wear as a volunteer and the WY DoT for riding the curb to curb bus. Btw, the post I wrote about that bus debacle has been taken down. It is the second rant that has been confiscated by WP😳🙄. I thought this was MY blog?

12 thoughts on “Murphy must have them

  1. I didn’t know that WP removed posts. I don’t think I have had it happen to any of my posts. Is it a glitch, or are they taking them down deliberately? I have been unfollowed and have had some that I follow disappear. It’s a bit bothersome.
    Not as bothersome as losing IDs, though. Hope the aggravation isn’t too great and all get replaced without more hassles.

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  2. That sounds terrible. I hope that you get the replacements soon. Also, I didn’t know that WP confiscates our blog posts!!! Has this happened to you multiple times. I know one thing that WP has been doing – somehow unfollowing certain blogs at random. I happened to miss a lot of your posts and now I know why! All the ways that WP screws up!!!!

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  3. Funny enough, I just renewed my passport last weekend for that very same reason. I’m not planning on going anywhere, but it is useful just so I have some ID. A lot of places will accept bills, but only if they are dated ib the last month. Most of our bills come annually, so straight away that leaves me with just one month per year when I can prove my identity.

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