3TC – Love and Lemonade

He loved lemonade, but only the sweetest thin skinned heavy lemons would do. Frank was so particular that he never indulged in restaurant fare, only his own coveted recipe was acceptable. That is, until he was sitting in the park one hot summer afternoon and a vision of loveliness so incredibly beautiful caused Frank’s mouth to fall open and looking ridiculous, while staring at Miss Amanda James.

You can’t blame Frank, for Miss Amanda was indeed shockingly gorgeous, with pale skin, rose hued cheeks, vibrant blue eyes and black wavy hair. She complemented her beauty with dresses made from the finest imported silk and hand made lace accoutrements, including tight fitting gloves. No lady would be seen in public, especially walking in a park, with bare hands.

Frank finally shut his mouth and every fiber of his being was awake with sensual desire for Miss James. Of course she could not help noticing how Frank was practically drooling as he gazed at her, but she just kept on walking by him. Suddenly one of her gloves drifted down and landed on the path. Frank saw this and leapt at the opportunity to scoop it up and weakly said, “Miss? Miss, I think you dropped this.”

Amanda stopped and turned , saying, “Well, my my, I am so happy you found it! I don’t know what I was thinking, how clumsy of me.” Even Frank sobered up enough to realize this was a ruse, but he planned on taking full advantage of it.

“It might be the heat. Please let me introduce myself. I am Franklin Smith”, extending his hand toward her.

“Miss Amanda James, sir. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Frank thought for a minute and then asked Miss James if she would like to join him for some lemonade. He had a full thermos of the ice cold drink and invited her to sit by him on the park bench.

“Oh, I would just kill for something cold to drink, thank you!” From the moment she tasted Frank’s special lemonade, her mind was already convinced. This man was going to bring her the joy she needed in her life.


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