SoCS + A2Z 4-17-21

O is for old ways many still use today–some good, some should have never been used in the first place.

One is the prevalence of guns used to get what you want or what you think you deserve, as an individual or group. The horrible mash of violence in our country resembles a past older people like me hoped to forget is on the forefront every day.

Guns speak for these misguided or ignorant people now–they don’t want a solution or compromise. They don’t want to solve what they perceive as a problem in their small world, they just want to act out and they’ve been acting out with increasingly violent results.


4 thoughts on “SoCS + A2Z 4-17-21

  1. Another way to see this: changing pheromes and declining human mental states, often attributed to environmental pollution, are in fact part of Nature’s campaign to cull the human herd. Nature is finding ways to make sure that a large number of us never reproduce.

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