Fandango’s Friday Flashback 3-2017

Bookspine Poetry Scifi

I had a blast doing this last time but I don’t go to the library by myself, so rare. We all usually go when school is out in the summer.


It was just A Song of Fire and Ice, but this was no Enders Game. Oh no, they were serious! After The Day the Earth Stood Still, in 1984, The Princess Bride, Neuromancer, and The Watchmen all got together and decided a fire of Fahrenheit 451 was dangerous, and not be to be taken lightly. The Brave New World‘s Foundation Trilogy decided action had to be taken.The American Gods were not to have total control. Even the residents of Animal Farm agreed, in their own way.

Of course they were aware of Slaughterhouse Five, so their meetings were secret. One of them brought up an odd question at the meeting: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? That brought the house down and the relief of laughter.

A Clockwork Orange rang out a warning to the meeting participants, “Starship Troopers on the way! The Watership’s Down, the Mists of Avalon are coming, The Left Hand of Darkness is upon us and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress! The War of the Worlds is starting, it might be wise to use The Time Machine.”

The Silmarillio, The Once and Future King, started speaking over the uneasy gathering,” his Childhoods End – Neverwhere have I seen such chaos. This was only a fire, and it has been controlled. There is no need for troopers or panic. It’s not like Shrike from The Hyperion Cantos is coming! It’s not World War Z! The Last Unicorn still lives. Settle down, treat yourself to a copy of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever. No need to be Going Postal! The Road is written, my friends, have no fear.