Fandango’s Flashback Friday 2-12-21

MLMM Tale Weaver – Hope

Bright beauty among the grey pavement is a hopeful sign, an inspiration to all those who step around it, admiring its tenacity. Only a few will tromp on it, refuse to acknowledge its existence as they hurriedly travel to an unwanted destination.

I see this flower as a sign of how the world can be, should strive to be, how we all, no matter what our circumstances would be, if only we stopped a minute or two in our life and just thought.

Think of the flower, the strength it took to achieve growth at all, and a bright, beautiful bloom? That’s how life should be, shouldn’t it? Isn’t there a minute in your day when you can just stop, think of who you want to be, or what want to accomplish, and how you can bloom?


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