This is Hilarious!

Life is a rusty rollercoaster

How were your school days? Good? Bad?….Well I don’t know who said school days are the best days of your life but what an idiot! And they definitely didn’t go to my school…..

Nowadays teachers and pupils are almost friends the way they are with each other. Back in the 70s when corporal punishment ruled it was very different, especially in a Catholic school run by priests. ‘Spare the rod ruin the child’ should have been the motto at that place. The cane or the slipper, depending on the teachers mood. Marist College Catholic School For Boys …. No girls…. Not great for thirteen year old lads with testosterone starting to rage. Luckily for us at the other end of a very long street stood St Mary’s Catholic School For Girls. Never the two should meet, unless you wanted eternal damnation.

It’s a funny thing when you’re Thirteen. When someone…

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