Something just said I hadn’t thought about yet, how after this stops and all these mobsters/strangers went through all the desks, paperwork and offices with backpacks, etc, that no one can enter those buildings without it being security scanned, with dogs, bomb sniffers, etc and even covid redo. T said he didn’t want anyone hurt, sure….😡

What a horrible man we have as president who has taken this country into such a state. I am 74, I have lived through protests – this is not a protest, this is terrorism.

He is responsible. He should be taken out and jailed, today!


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  1. I agree. I am 69 years old, and I have never felt so embarrassed or scared of a president than this one. He will not call his supporters thugs, anarchist, SOB’s, or hoodlums, because they are white. If those were black people, he would have them shot and cry terrorism. This is why we must get past the hate, before one man destroy the country and al that has been achieved in race and gender oppressions. Oh, Lord, help us!

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    1. I was just thinking that. If those mobsters were black, they would have been shot on site. So sorry R – you always have hope in your heart. I’m having a hard time with T and what he gets away with. One news person said that the ?1965? Million man march in protest was all nonviolent.

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