Saturday Night Horror

Without a shadow of a doubt

He’s trapped and can’t get out

His feelings now are compromised

He trusted her but was not wise

How many times his mind had gone there

Thinking she’s all right, no longer a scare

Now he knows his thoughts were wrong

He tries to loosen ropes too strong

The light fades around him now

The blood is dripping from his brow

He struggles to move his feet

Been tied so long he can’t feel

Hands bleed and head aching

No chance of him escaping

Started as a fit of rage

Now finds himself as in a cage

How could he have been so misled

When wondering this, he also dreads

He won’t be found or she will come

His hands now becoming numb

The horror of it escapes his lips

In a mournful cry as red blood drips

Thinking back he should have realized

She was too perfect in his eyes

As he weakens, ghosts pull him deep

Breathes his last in endless sleep.


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