MLMM First Line Friday 12-18-20


Every last cent Joe owned laid there on the green felt for all to see. He had to do it. There was no choice to bet it all. . . all $10.00. It may not sound like much to the seasoned gambler, but to Joe, it was another chance. The minimum wager was ten dollars and if it had not been for his plea to a stranger on the street outside the casino, he wouldn’t even had that much to bet.

Joe spent his life as a wanderer after losing most of his fortune in gambling over the years. It seemed like kismet when he started fifteen years ago, winning everything in the games of chance. He thought it was his fate, his luck that made his success. People would gather around him at the tables, hoping some of his magic would rub off on them.

As the story goes, Joe found his true love there, standing beside him–love at first sight he used to think. But as time passed, she grew weary of his addiction and finally left, and now his circumstances consisted of life on the street. Joe had plenty of company there on the sidewalks and doorways, all suffering from similar addictions.

Joe laid down the ten dollar bill as the crowd backed away from him, seeing his streetwear appearance. His unshaven face still showed the excited apprehension of a gambler. The dice rolled, and landed on snake eyes. Joe stumbled out of the casino lights back to the street where he waited for another generous soul to give him money.