Sunday Whirl 12-6-20

It was going to be a showstopper, everyone agreed with the village plan for the familiar mass effort of the Christmas train fete. The scene was mapped out and the bakers were prepared with all of the earthy spice needed to flavor the edible display. It would be bigger and much better than the year before where the decision to skip the sticky frosting was a sorry slip in their efforts. The train did not hold together well and by the hour of completion, the train was dismantling.

This year it was a showstopper!



4 thoughts on “Sunday Whirl 12-6-20

  1. Wow, that train is something! We have a local Gingerbread Jubilee (this year just virtual), but only things that fit on tables ever are created. Love the story of the failed train! I can see at least attempting, once, skipping sticky frosting. But, it’s the glue!

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