Fandango’s Friday Flashback – 12-4-20

From December 2016: Chilly Attitude

The tree is up, the gifts unwrapped

Energy’s gone, I’ve been zapped.

Decided to Google a word I don’t know

When I see an alert about snow.

Actually it was more about cold

Only December and it’s already old.

Finally decided to turn up the heat

Cause my legs were freezing, even my feet.

Another day accomplishing nothing

Just doing some cleaning and doing some washing.

I think I have the winter blahs

Not even thinking of Mr. Claus–

Nope, not a thing cheers me tonight

I’m just a sad sack, what a sight.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?


Just checking to see if you nodded off here😉

My mind’s in a quandary how to lift my mood

I could always write a poem that is lewd…

No, that would be very rude,

Think I have a bad attitude.


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