10 thoughts on “FOWC: Landslide

  1. I was considering sharing this song, decided to see if someone else did instead. I used to really like this song (and Rhiannon and others). Fleetwood Mac was a favorite. Then, not knowing exactly why, I felt their music/influence wasn’t nourishing in my life. So, I decided not to ever choose listening to them or her (although I liked Stevie’s voice). Of course, a song would come up at a restaurant or something; no biggie, really. But I didn’t put on a record.

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  2. I thought about this one, but actually, I hate this song 🤣 Must have been last year, my wife’s choir performed it, and this was all I heard for bloody months!
    But Stevie Nicks doesn’t do a bad job, does she? I saw she wrote the song so presumably, she is the voice.
    I saw Mick Fleetwood once in the supermarket close by – he didn’t recognise me!

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    1. No that was my feeling exactly. It must have been tough but there again, they probably cranked music out that would never otherwise have happened. Abba were the same, but even so, I don’t think I could pour my feelings out and sing them in front of my ex.

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