The Day After

“It’s party time!” Joe started dancing around the table as he adjusted every delicious tidbit carefully to comprise an American flag. He was sure to lure the company’s Trump supporters with his artful array of hors d’oeuvres. He didn’t stop at the flag.

The quantity of red, white and blue continued with strawberry, blueberry and apple salad, a red, white and blue layered jello salad, blue corn chips with red salsa, blueberry cranberry muffins and more. Joe wanted everyone’s taste satisfied. Decorations of patriotic colored star glitter surrounded the food items.

Joe’s secretary was in awe, but cautioned him on going overboard. She also felt like celebrating but thought the Trump fans might think he was trying to berate them with his enthusiasm.

As people started joining Joe in the conference room, they gobbled up the festive fare. Joe thought the “all nighters” of election result watching must have whetted their appetite.


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