Interpretations of the written word often vary. I am quick to write and then wonder if what I was thinking, the image my mind created, was actually interpreted the way I meant it. Being an impatient person in general, I quickly make comments and then think, why did I send that? Do they know I’m kidding, being sarcastic, having a weird day and accept it as such? Most of my followers probably know me well and accept it, but sometimes a post hits me sideways and I say something that I know the reason for, but they are clueless. It’s not their fault, it’s mine.

A short post long because posts that are sincere make me think, and shadows of my life, memories I keep in the background, will jump into the light, as I react to someone’s writing. Crazy? Probably, but I am an emotional person, still. My rants prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt…sorry, I had to try humor at some point. With all that’s going on, I have to laugh through tears sometimes. The world has a lot of nightmares now and accepting we have little control over the day to day doesn’t stay in the shadows.


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  1. Cross cultural communication is always fraught, but cross political is a nightmare, and it depends on where the receptors are at with health, language, comprehension etc. it’s like navigating a swamp at night.

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    1. The longer I’ve blogged, the more militant I feel about this. It is very presumptuous of us to think that our reader has nothing better to do than to read any old rubbish, so we therefore cannot allow ourselves to write any old rubbish. By the by, that is one reason I avoid anything “stream of consciousness”.
      But sometimes the pruning can be over-zealous!
      I notice that the experienced bloggers – decades – are masters of writing 1-minute posts.

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