MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt 10-4-20

The food in the new restaurant was going to be different. I had succumbed to the pleadings of my new roommate, Jose and he promised the best dining experience of authentic Mexican food I would ever have. He was also quick to mention the location was owned by his parents and I would be in good hands.

We entered to see bright colorful items everywhere, and friendly greeters. We ordered drinks made with original ingredients imported from Mexico and that was the start.

After I had swallowed the worm in my tequila, everything seemed to go hazy. The surroundings were getting melded into one big blur. The food came and honestly I cannot remember what I ate or how it tasted. Jose took me home, I think, and I woke up the next day feeling tired but okay. I think next time I’ll just order food, no drinks!

Sunday Writing Prompt.– Creating Context. – The New Restaurant

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